For Thousands of Years Dogs have been Man's most loyal ally in the Animal Kingdom...

 They... Are our only friend when everyone else has turned their back on us.

They... Will always gladly come to our aid when we call their name.
They... Will also risk their life to protect our freedoms.
They... Are living proof God exists in our deepest moments of hopelessness.
They... Will become our eyes when we are no longer able to see.
They... Will become our support when we are no longer able to walk.
They... Are always protecting us while we sleep.
They... Will be our strength in our moments of weakness.
Yet, in recent years Dog's noble and trustworthy nature has been arbitrarily betrayed by Man...
They... Are being held captive and bred numerous times to be Sold at Puppy Stores as a product.
They... Are Euthanized even when they are less than 8 Weeks old due to the overwhelming problem of dog overpopulation and the weak to none existing laws requiring Spay/Neuter controls.
They... Are neglected and often become an inconvenience to their owners when they become ill.
They... Are being abused for entertainment purposes and simply discarded like an object when no longer useful.
They... Are being forced to hate each other, harm each other, they are being used as bait, their existence has even being banned in cities and their very name has been demonized as if this was their own doing.

They... Are dumped in shelters every day by their inexcusable owners and their chances at finding a new homes or surviving this ordeal are less than 25%.

Dogs truly deserve so much more from all of Us; they have influenced modern humanity since our beginnings and in a way allowed us to be who we are today.