A chained dog can only watch as life goes by...

The cruelest punishment for dogs is "solitary confinement". Dogs are pack animals, so it's important for them to be with others.
Chaining dogs makes them more aggressive, they suffer from severe psychological, emotional and behavioral effects.

Chaining your dog is no way to treat a thinking, breathing, trusting and loving creature.
Would you tie your children outside?...Dogs, just like human beings who get locked up for no reason, will get mean and bitter.
Would you for one minute exchange places with your dog?...Living chained by the neck is not an option that any human would choose.
It's not against the law, so that makes it ok?...Many communities have already adopted NO-CHAIN LAWS and more concerned citizens are taking a stand against this.

Don't allow any dogs in your area are to be abused in this matter, you can safely and anonymously report any ongoing animal cruelty.

Take Action and Request Your Local Government for