Our Web Site mostly focuses on the positive side of the Adoption process, however like our name says we are a Rescue and unfortunately we are witness to the initial abuse/neglect some dogs were subjected before coming to us.

"Sad the amount of suffering some of these creatures have been given by some of us, thank god there is some of us willing to fix it"


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July, 2021

September, 2018
Trooper was brought over to us by our friends at ft. Pierce Animal Control; Trooper had a rope wrapped around his neck so tight, that ended up cutting into his skin and muscle.

June, 2018
Chico came to us in extreme pain with his front leg completely bent backwards, Chico was very afraid  and fearful he was going to be harmed once again; after a very successful surgery performed by Dr. Poole, Chico learned to to be able to trust again and now lives a life free of discomfort and abuse.
Chico NOW!

May, 2018
This tiny baby was in unbearable itchy/pain discomfort due to mange combined with a severe skin infection; she was so swollen all over her body, that we initially thought she was a complete different breed. Princess made a complete recovery after daily care/washes/medication, since then she has found the most wonderful home.
Princess NOW!

March, 2018
This very special girl was found in very serious pain as it seems she was hit by a car in Ft. Pierce several days before, she ended up with a shattered leg bone and a fractured pelvis; we would like to extend our gratitude to the community who helped with her expenses and specially to Dr. Horn with the Florida Veterinary League for doing an OUTSTANDING job with her surgery. Lucy now enjoys the love of the most wonderful family she could have hoped for.
Lucy NOW!
January, 2018
This poor soul was found by our friends at Animal Control completed matted, extremely neglected and with a torn off front leg; after a very lengthy surgery Dr. Jen Ely did an FANTASTIC job ensuring this girl would be able to know once the love of a caring home.
Lola NOW!
January, 2018
This little Kitty met abuse at a very tender age, he came to us in very poor health condition, with a rubber band tightly wrapped around his little tail; unfortunately, this is a common occurrence as some folks believe the can make their cats having a bob-tail. After a few months of TLC, Mr. Kitten found a fantastic loving home.
Mr. Kitten NOW!

December, 2017
Ace was a heartbreaking and very public story of abuse in which a hero made a video of the abuse and reported it to the Animal Control authorities, Ace suffered from a broken hip from being punched and kicked by his owner; after being seized by the heroes of the Ft. Pierce Animal Control, we had the privilege of caring for Ace and thanks to Dr. Horn from Florida Veterinary League and Dr. Jen Ely from Guardian Veterinary Hospital, Ace made a fantastic recovery and now enjoys a life full of love and happiness. You can see the video by clicking this link: https://www.wptv.com/news/region-st-lucie-county/fort-pierce/dog-beaten-and-kicked-in-fort-pierce-men-arrested
Ace NOW!

August, 2017
Dorito was found and a very serious state of neglect from having sarcoptic mange and other parasites; after many months of recovery and daily medications, Dorito still has diabetes but has made a miraculous recovery, he now enjoys the care of a wonderful family.
Dorito NOW!

March, 2017
This sweet girl was so neglected by her owners from an out of control mange that she was literally bleeding from the open sores and patches of missing skin; thanks to the heroes of Broward Animal Control, she was seized and we had the privilege of providing the care she much needed.
Mary NOW!

January, 2017
Lulu came to us with a huge tumor in her abdomen and severe dental decay casing her to stop eating; after several surgeries and a few months of TLC, Lulu made a wonderful recovery and has found a great home that promised to provide the care and love she will ever need going forward.
Lulu NOW!
November, 2016
Coco was brought over by our Ft. Pierce Animal Control heroes with a embedded rope to her neck causing deep lacerations to her skin and muscles, her head was so full of infection, than was more than double her normal size; after many months of daily antiseptic washes to her wound and strong antibiotics, she came back to be the beautiful and very special angel she is.

Coco NOW!
June, 2016
Izzy is a very common case of severe neglect of a case of mange being completely ignored by her previous owners; she was dumped at animal control facility, thankfully we were able to have their assistance in order to give her a second chance at life and now a wonderful loving home!

Izzy NOW!
June, 2016
This poor puppy was rescued from a hoarding situation, she was clearly emaciated and had multiple stubborn skin and intestinal parasites that took much consistency to overcome; Lulu is now enjoy her new life with a responsible and caring new home.

Lulu NOW!
May, 2016
This beautiful English Bulldog was surrendered with a very bad skin bacterial/fungal infection; after much loving care and love, Bailey has found a fantastic forever home!

Bailey NOW!
May, 2016
This very sweet girl arrived to us in dire need of having this oversized tumor removed; thanks to the quick action of our rescue operation and the assistance of Dr. John Clark, Princess is now free of this discomfort and is looking forward to a forever loving home.

Princess NOW!
May, 2016
Prince is one of the kindest souls we have encountered; Prince was confiscated by animal control officers due to the severe stage of neglect he was in, in addition of being emaciated he was also in immediate need of splenectomy surgery, in order to remove his oversize spleen which was almost to the point of bursting. Thanks to the help of Dr. John Clark of the Community Veterinary Clinic of Vero, Prince has a brand new quality of life.

Prince NOW!

April, 2016
Cowboy is another typical example of a dog having skin issues and their previous owners being unable to provide for him, but instead dumping him at an animal control facility; luckily for us and cowboy we were able to find him, providing him with the much needed help he needed and finding him a committed forever loving home.

Cowboy NOW!

April, 2016
We rescued Sebastian from an animal control facility with extensive skin lesions due to a combination of mange, fungus and bacterial infections. Sebastian today enjoys a life free of discomfort at his great new home!

Sebastian NOW!

March, 2016
Blondie was hit by a car causing an extensive injury on her hips; she was brought over to an Animal Control facility, where we had the pleasure to give her a second chance at having a normal life by performing an orthopedic FHO surgery; thanks to Dr. Horn of the Vero Florida Veterinary Clinic for helping us with this complex surgical procedure.

Blondie NOW!

February, 2016
Bacon was an abuse case where his mouth was kept shut with a rubber band; thankfully he was able to be freed from this torturous and abusive home, and has made a remarkable recovery.

Bacon NOW!

February, 2016
Biscuit is unfortunately the all too common example of a neighborhood being kept outdoors on a daily basis with lack of disregard for their well being; thanks to an unanimous tip we were able to give Biscuit a second chance at a healthy life with plenty of love and care.

Biscuit NOW!

January, 2016
This beautiful puppy was rescued with a previously neglected broken leg injury, causing pain with every step he took to the blister he developed on his paw which he had to use for support; thanks to our own Veterinary Clinic Dr. Feld and to the surgery performed inside our clinic, Ricky now enjoys a life free of pain at a loving home.

Ricky NOW & Dr. Feld!

January 20, 2016
This Little Maltese came to us with a severe skin fungal condition; unfortunately many of our Rescued Doggies arrive regularly with conditions like this due to unacceptable owner neglect. A medicated shampoo a few times a week and lots of TLC is sufficient in most cases to cure a condition like this, yet many people choose to ignore this very uncomfortable condition when present in their dogs.
Billy will need some time to recover in our Fort Pierce Rescue Facility and soon will be looking for his new forever home.

Billy NOW!

November, 2015

When this poor girl came to us, she could barely open her eyes. She was diagnosed with Entropion. It is a genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward. This can cause an eyelash or hair to irritate and scratch the surface of the eye, leading to corneal ulceration or perforation. It can also cause dark-colored scar tissue to build up over the wound (pigmentary keratitis). These factors may cause a decrease or loss of vision if left untreated. Thankfully we were able to help her and one of our Doctors (Dr.Vaino) performed the surgery. She is a very happy girl now and ready for a new home!

Silvia NOW!

May, 2015
This beautiful young girl arrived at our facility all the way from Ga in need of corrective surgery (Cherry Eye Repair). We were able to provide her with surgery and now she enjoys her new fantastic forever home!

Minnie NOW!

June, 2015
This poor older girl arrived to us in a lot of pain and with severe skin condition. She came from AC with no hope for help... At our facility she was provided with all medical care she required; after a long months of recovery she was adopted! She is very loved today :)

Mimi NOW!

August, 2015
This scared girl arrived to us in a lot of pain from AC in a very pour condition (Demodex with secondary infection), ear infections as well. Thankfully we were able to provide for her all medical attention for several weeks..medications, baths etc. After recovery- she was adopted!

Emma NOW!

September, 2015
This beautiful girl was hospitalized and treated by us for Parvo Virus...Unfortunately it is the most common and deadly virus out there attacking young Puppies.Thankfully after a long battle she survived and recovered. She was adopted to a great family and loves running with dogs on the beach!

Gabby NOW!
September , 2015
This 2 Months Old Puppy was saved by us from a AC with a rare condition (Puppy Strangles/Juvenile Cellulitis). He was in a lot of pain and discomfort with infected skin and swollen face; had eyes and ears infection as well. After a treatment and a  long recovery he was adopted to a fantastic home and enjoys a company of his new best friend!

Jimmy NOW!
JULY , 2015
This beautiful Labrador Mix arrived at Animal Control in Ga with severe Demodex and also was HW positive.... After several months of treatment and medical care, he was adopted and lives a happy life now! fantastic home!

Clyde NOW!
May 20 th, 2015
These Little bonded brothers came to us very neglected (emaciated, with growths to be removed, ear infections, severe dental needs (extractions) and with intestinal parricides).
After weeks of care and medical attention, they live a happy life now in their new home- They were adopted Together!

Picollo & Picasso NOW!

APRIL, 2015
This sweet girl had a very rough life and was a victim of despicable, cruel act...She was sexually abused and as a consequence she had to have 3 reconstructive rectum repair- very expensive surgeries done by us. Thanks to fantastic team of Doctors (Big THANK YOU to Dr.Nancy  and Dr.Ric Hurt ), she recovered and was adopted.

Lulu NOW!

November 15, 2014
Chief a beautiful 2 year old Cocker Spaniel arrived at pour facility in need of corrective surgery on both of his eyes, his eyelids were swollen and exposed, causing him to have constant tearing and discomfort; thankfully we were able to provide him with corrective surgery on both his eyes and Chief now enjoys a tear free life in a fantastic home!

Chief NOW!

August 28, 2014
This beautiful 5 month old puppy had severe burns all over his back, to what is to be believed acid or an extremely hot liquid, some of the Animal Control Officials believe his injuries were due to a gang initiation ritual; regardless, this inexplicable act of savagery is completely unacceptable. After several months of recovery and daily care for his wounds at our Fort Pierce Rescue Facility, Titus has managed to make a full recovery and this very loving and forgiving puppy is ready to go to a fantastic home and live a rewarding life!

Titus NOW!

June 10, 2014
Judd is one sad example of 18 dogs we recently Rescued from a situation of animal hoarding and neglect; he was severely malnourished, had a serious skin and eye infection. Many of the other dogs were seniors and presented a similar condition as well as severe eye injuries.
Most of these Rescued Doggies have been fortunate to have found wonderful homes already; Thankfully Judd has made a great recovery as well and will be available for adoption soon!

Judd NOW!

June 1, 2014
These beautiful and majestic Afghan Hound siblings, were abandoned in a very sad condition of neglect, malnutrition and overall disregard; they were completely covered with fleas/ticks, completely emaciated, sick with Giardia and other intestinal parasites. We are very glad to have been able to find them and we are looking to provide them with all the food, care and love they so rightfully deserve!
Merlin & Hilton will be available for Adoption as soon as they are 100% ready for a great forever home.

Hilton & Merlin NOW!
May 8, 2014
Autumn was Rescued from an Animal Control Facility, she had a severely infected concussion on her head; thankfully Holly from Sweet Onion Animal Protection gave her a chance by personally overseeing her recovery. As of this day we are not sure what or who could have done this terrible thing to such a kind girl; however what we do know, is that she will make a great compliment for a loving family.

Autumn NOW!

March 20, 2014
Cory is an unfortunate 7 month old puppy who was abandoned by his owner and unable to be adopted at an animal control facility due to a severe and debilitating defect on his hips and both rear knees/legs; Cory had two separate surgeries on each leg and He is able to walk now.
We are looking forward to providing this beautiful corgi baby with the opportunity to find a fantastic forever home.
Cory  will never run or go for long walks like other dogs...He was also born with partial sight (vision) deficiency.
Cory will always be a special need boy! Please stay tuned for future updates and thank you for supporting our rescue efforts!


March 9, 2014
Stevie is a 2 month old baby who unfortunately quickly developed a rare immune dysfunction condition know as "Puppy Strangles", he also has intestinal parasites and an acute case of malnourishment; we found Stevie at an animal control facility where he was scheduled to be euthanized due to his medical conditions. Luckily Stevie will be able to make a full recovery with the proper medical supervision and lots of love under our care.

Stevie NOW!

February 25, 2014
Pebbles is a very sweet English/American Bulldog Mix who was taken away by Animal Control Officers from a terrible situation of neglect and brought over to an Animal Control Facility were unfortunately she faced possible euthanasia; we were lucky enough to have found her, rescued her and she is currently being treated at our Rescue Adoption Facility for Demodex, Yeast Infection, Malnourishment and Upper Respiratory Infection.

Pebbles will be able to overcome all of these issues and hopefully will be able to find the best forever home possible; we will post new pictures once she is ready to be adopted!


Pebbles NOW!

February 15, 2014
Unfortunately a very common form of abuse we encounter in dogs all of ages, is people trying to alter the tail of their dog into a "bob tail"; this very humane and painful practice is done by tightly tying several rubber bands to the tail of a dog, in order to cut the blood circulation causing the remaining area to wither, rot away and eventually fall off. Panda is the classic example of the many cases we have unfortunately seen, however she was lucky enough to have been rescued and provided with medical assistance. This cruel practice is very common specially in puppies and cause by lack of knowledge and ignorance; causing these innocent babies severe pain, infection and in many cases death.
Panda is still on medications and she will be able to fully recover.

November 29, 2013
This beautiful Mom sought shelter inside a demolished building in order to give birth to her litter, when the construction crews showed up they noticed her with her babies; she was able to feed them and provide for them for over a month, however sadly she was ingesting rat poison left somewhere inside this building. We were able to rescue her as they were all facing possible euthanasia at an animal control facility and bring her to our Rescue Facility, however we started to notice she was having seizures and was slightly bleeding from her nose and mouth from being poisoned.
Dr Horn from The Florida Veterinary League aggressively treated her and was able to save her life, 3 of her puppies survived (Thor, Chaos & Trouble-already adopted :))
Faith is still recovering and is on treatment for Heartworm as she tested positive, she will be available for adoption as soon as she make a full recovery.

Faith NOW! (Enjoying a Cheeseburger courtesy of Board Director Apryl Steinhart)

October 22, 2013
This beautiful girl arrived to our facility urinating with blood, we took her right away to see Dr Michael O'Connor who discovered and proceeded to immediately remove a stone the size of a bar of soap inside her bladder. Jazmin must have been extremely uncomfortable everytime she had to go to the bathroom.
She has made a great recovery at our  Fort Pierce Rescue Facility and she is currently available for Adoption!

October 17th, 2013
Can you imagine walking on your knee while it has an infected sore for months, because you are unable to use your foot to support yourself and every step single step you take with extreme pain? ...
This is exactly the condition we found Lucky in, thankfully Dr Horn from the Florida veterinary League quickly helped us address Lucky's situation by carefully removing the inflicted leg. Lucky still recovering at our rescue Facility and will be available soon for Adoption!

Lucky NOW!

October 10th, 2013
Yet another case of a beautiful and loyal big guy sadly abandoned at an animal control facility at his age of 9 years old; in addition to him being abandoned and to add insult to injury, he has also suffered from Entropion on both eyes for several years causing extreme discomfort and consistent infections to both eyes. We are so glad to have been able to find and Rescue this poor soul and we will be providing the eye surgery he so desperately needs.
(more updates coming soon)

September 19th, 2013
Moonshine is one of the most heartbreaking cases we have recently seen; this poor 10 month old Harlequin Great Dane girl was abandoned at an animal control facility due to a birth defect on her front legs, she was there for several months unable to be adopted and was already removed from the adoption floor (the first two pictures below were taken when we first saw her in her kennel), we simply couldn't leave her behind. Moonshine is currently scheduled to have corrective surgery in November 2013 for her first leg and mid December for her second leg.
 (More updates and after surgery pictures will be updated soon)




Moonshine NOW!

September 5th, 2013
We had the privilege of have been able to rescue this beautiful boy from an animal control facility with a bad case of Demodex, Emaciated and Full of Ticks; Thankfully with some love, time and the proper medication, Larry made a fantastic recovery and has been recently adopted by a wonderful family!

Larry NOW!

August 25th, 2013
We were able to place a hold on Rocco at the moment he was being surrendered by his owner at an animal control facility. Besides being tossed in a shelter, Rocco has unfortunately also endured a condition since he was a puppy called "Entropion", this condition causes the eyelids to fold and rub against the eye causing extreme discomfort at all times. Thankfully we were able to provide the surgical procedure necessary for Rocco to have a normal life.
Rocco found a wonderful home and was Adopted on October 10th!!!

Rocco NOW!

July 27th, 2013
This beautiful senior we rescued from an animal control facility had a bad and painful case of glaucoma in her left eye. We were able to provide the medical assistance to remove the discomfort due to her swollen eye. Since then Diamond has made a fantastic recovery and found a fantastic new forever home.

July 17th, 2013
We rescued Bella with a really fungal skin condition all over her body; she was extremely uncomfortable, thankfully with a bit of love and medicine she has made a great recovery and she is now available for adoption.



Bella NOW!


July 5th, 2013

Lilly was recently brought to us with over 70% of her hair missing due to Demodex. Demodex is an extremely itchy and slow to progress condition caused by a microscopic mite.
Unfortunately, a very common form of animal abuse takes place when a dog owner decides not to provide the necessary veterinary assistance once their dog displays signs of illness.

Would you allow your own child have a rash expanding on their skin and decide to finally take him to the doctor weeks or months later???
              Lilly Feb 21st                                      Lilly May 26th

Lilly is currently recovering at our facility...
We will update her picture once she is ready to be adopted :)

Lilly July 3rd

It's Amazing what a little love and a small pill a day can do...
Lilly is now the happy puppy she once was and she found a loving home!!!

Jun 26th, 2013

Harley was lucky enough to have been rescued from a pretty bad situation. This beautiful Labrador has multiple signs of neglect, he had a severe ear infection, blisters all over his legs, infested with ticks/fleas leading to ehrlichia canis, malnourished, skin allergies... Harley was always kept outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions, he slept on plain concrete, reason why he has so many blisters/callouses and even mold/fungi on his paws.
Regardless of this neglect, Harley remains extremely friendly towards people and other dogs; We are currently providing Harley with all the medical assistance and TLC he needed!
Harley is currently for adoption and in dire need of the best possible home.
(Please note these pictures were taken after he was already bathed and his ears were cleaned by our vet)


May 27th, 2013

We were privileged to have rescued Sage as he was scheduled for euthanasia within 24 hours, as soon as we brought him to our facility we noticed he was extremely uncomfortable and was even unable to properly sit down, as you can see on the picture below; Dr O'Connor quickly identified the issue and immediately operated on him. He had a very large stone embedded in his bladder, this may have been going for many months and it is extremely painful. Sage is currently recovering and will be available for adoption soon.

April 29th, 2013

Toto arrived to us with a severe and neglected eye injury, due to his injury he was deemed "un-adoptable" and scheduled for PTS (Put To Sleep); Toto is now a beautiful one eyed boy with a new chance at life and currently waiting for a new family to adopt him.

Toto NOW!

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Diamond was taken away from her abusive owners by Animal Control extremely malnourished, with a bad skin condition and with a huge laceration to her neck. Diamond has made a great recovery and was adopted on Saturday Feb 23rd by a loving family.

Diamond NOW!



This beautiful girl lived tied underneath her owner's home, Maddie had a severe case of Demodex causing her skin raw and extremely itchy, she also had a severe green discharge from pneumonia and most of her teeth were in decay. Luckily after a few months of love and medicines, she made a great recovery and was able to find a great home.

Maddie NOW!



Bella was found roaming the streets malnourished and with a severe skin condition. After an aggressive treatment this beautiful girl was able to find a loving forever home!

Bella NOW!



Hector was abandoned by his previous owner at a high-kill facility..He is HW + and came with a softball sized  bleeding tumor on his right leg, also  his teeth were filed with a metal tool. Hector's tumor has been removed, he is currently receiving HW treatment and Cancer treatment as well. He has been recently adopted by a wonderful family, that is following all necessary steps and giving him medications and treatments provided by us; however his medical bills still remain...Please help us if you can

Hector NOW!



This beautiful Boxer was viciously beat by his previous owner with a baseball bat, to the point there was nothing that could have been done to save his leg. Since then Rowdy has made a fantastic recovery and has been adopted by a wonderful family before Christmas.

Rowdy NOW!



Luke was shot in the leg by his previous owner, fortunately he survived was taken away and finally adopted by a loving family. Luke is extremely happy and those horrible memories are now far behind.

Luke NOW!


Snoopy was found running on the streets with several deep knife-like lacerations to his body. Thankfully, this senior made a full recovery at our facility and is now adopted by a wonderful person. We are not sure who or why anyone would do this kind of thing to this tiny creature.

Snoopy NOW!



This sweet girl was surrendered to us in dire need of knee surgery, since she was in pain and unable to use her right rear leg. Since then she has been adopted to a wonderful family and has fully recovered.

Bianca NOW!



This heart wrenching story of a beautiful Bull Terrier who was used as a bait dog; a bait dog is an usually younger or kinder dog that is used for other dogs to attack him in preparation for dog fights; he was lucky enough to have survived this ordeal, rescued by us and fully recovered from his multiple lacerations and puncture wounds. Rambo is a very special dog to us, as we personally fostered him inside our home during his recovery. Rambo is much happier now with his new loving family!

Rambo NOW!



Angel came from a puppy-mill, where she was kept with many of her brothers and sisters in an outdoor small cage, with the purpose of being bred and being sold to puppy stores. Luckily this operation was dismantled by Animal Control officers and she was able to find a great loving home.

(Please Do Not Support Sales of Puppies for profit, when there are so many of them already abandoned at local shelters)