As Many as 70% of the Dogs That Have Come Thru Our Shelter Share Very Similar Stories; Many of Them Were Loved and Praised as Puppies; However Once They Grow Up or Become an "Inconvenience", They Are Abandoned in a Very Similar Manner, Thrown Inside a Dumpster or Unfortunately Much Worse...

Diary of a dog...

Week 1:
Today I turned a week old, What a joy to come to this world!
Month 01:
My mom takes care of me very well. She is an extraordinary mother! 
Month 02:
Today, I separated from my mom. I don't know why...? She was restless, and her eyes told me goodbye .. Hoping that my new 'human family' look after me, as well as she had.

Month 04:
I grew up fast, I want attention ..
There are several children in the house, which to me are like 'brothers' They are very anxious, they pull my tail, so I bite them gently- just playing.
Month 05:
Today, I got scolded. My lady was upset because I did 'pee' inside the house, but I was never told - where I should go... besides sleeping in the bedroom . I wanted to go outside and run, but nobody had time for me. They no longer put up with me! Do they still love me...?

Month 12:
Today I turned one year. I'm an adult dog now.
My owners say, I grew up more than they thought. I think, they should feel proud of me - right? 

Month 13:
Too bad, I failed them today.
'My brother' and  I, lost the ball. I never touch his toys, but he took mine away. My jaws have become very strong, so I hurt him sometimes, unintentionally. After the scare, they chained me, almost without being able to move in a full sun. They say they'll keep me under observation, and that I am ungrateful. I don't know what happened, what did I do..?.
Month 15:
Nothing is the same ... I
live on the roof .. I feel very alone, my family no longer loves me. Sometimes they forget I'm hungry and thirsty. When it rains I have no shelter.
Month 16:
Today I fell off the roof. Finally
my family forgave me, and I was so happy - jumping with joy. My tail seemed broken, but I didn't care. On top of that, I went with them for a ride. We headed down towards the road and suddenly stopped. They opened the door, and I got so happy thinking we would have a picnic. I don't understand why they closed the door and left. 'Hey, wait! " did you  ... forget about me. I ran behind the car with all my might. My anxiety grew to render an account that I almost fainted, but they didn't stop. I was forgotten ..
Month 17:
I have tried in vain to find the way home. I feel tired and I'm lost. In my path, there are some good-hearted people, who see me with sadness and gives me something to eat. I thank them with my eyes, and from the bottom of my soul. I would like them to take me... and I'll be loyal as ever, but they just say 'poor little dog', you must be lost,...and they go away.
Month 18:
The other day, I passed a school and saw many children, and young people as my 'brothers'. I approached them, thinking we can play, but a group of them, laughing, gave me a rain of stones- to see who had the best aim. One of those stones hurt my eye, and since then I no longer see on one side. Everything hurts me... 
Month 19:
It seems incredible,  I was a nice looking dog before..  I'm too skinny, my appearance has changed. I lost my eye and people threw me out with a broom, when I try to lie down in a small shadow. Why, why is this happening to me? What did I do? 
Month 20:
I can hardly move. Today while trying to cross the street where cars go, one hit me. As I was in a safe place called 'ditch', but never forget the look of the driver, and his satisfaction.. I wish I was killed today, but I only dislocated my hip. The pain is terrible, my back legs do not respond, so I crawled, struggling toward  a little grass area - on the side of the road.
Month 21:
I am 10 days under the sun, rain, cold, without food. Since I can not move, I feel helpless... The pain is unbearable, and I feel very bad. I am wet and it seems that even my hair are falling out. Some people pass, and do not see me, others say, 'Stay away'! I am almost unconscious, but some strange force made me open my eyes. The sweetness of her voice made me react. 'Poor little dog, looks like he was left, to die "said ... next to her was a man in white coat, began to touch me and said, 'Sorry ma'am, but this dog can not be helped, you better stop his suffering ..' The gentle lady burst into tears, and cover her face. I remember, her soft voice -"...its going to be all right little one, its going to be all right..."As I could for a moment, I moved my tail and looked at her - thanking  for helping me relax. Just felt the sting of the injection, and went to sleep forever - thinking why I had to come to this world  if nobody liked me...
Awareness helps to open the doors, so we can end the problem of stray dogs .. The solution is to educate and take action.