The idea of Rescue Adoption started when our founder Dagmara Monsalve found a neglected Pit Bull who was in dire need of help; Dagmara found out that this simple act made a positive impact in her life, but at the same time it made a greater impact in this Pit Bull's life. Dagmara decided to start volunteering after work and on the weekends for various rescue shelters and found out that there was a sad reality to the treatment of dogs in our society; this new reality was in many ways caused by the current economical situation of the moment, in which many families lost their homes, couldn't afford to keep their dogs or the more sinister side of this problem which was the outright abuse of dogs for entertainment purposes.
Dagmara decided to open a Facebook Page simple named Rescue Adoption in order to prevent any dog from being euthanized at any cost, many friends helped spread the word and a page that started with one friend gained thousands within a few months...

 Picture of Dagmara with Bo; Published on St Lucie News Tribune Apr 20, 2011


With the strong response of new like minded friends and the ability to utilize social media as a medium to spread the word and feature dogs that were in need of a new home. Dagmara realized that the good of people out there outweighs the ugly reality our country currently faces with the current unbelievable amount and methods of euthanasia; With the support from her husband and Co-Founder Richard Monsalve and the help of many close friends and volunteers, Rescue Adoption became a well established Non-Profit, Absolutely No Kill, 501 C3 organization that has Rescued, Spayed/Neutered and Adopted Thousands of dogs. 

 "Everything started from a neglected Pit Bull one day... She just got my heart. From that day on, I decided to step up, and be the voice for the animals. Rescuing them and finding new homes became my passion, and its part of my life. There is nothing more rewarding, than making a difference and sharing these beautiful moments with people"- Dagmara Monsalve