Here, there is a photo of Mac in his new home. He is wonderful and very loved by all. Very well trained with one word commands and the No Pull harness is a god send. He recognizes me as ALPHA :)

I only use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT no punishment ever!
Thanks again for everything, I really really love my new son, he has his FOREVER HOME!
Lara (Mac's Mama)

He is adjusting very well! He played outside for a little while yesterday but mostly stayed inside on the couch with us. I wasn't sure about where he should sleep so I ended up sharing my pillow with him on the couch. He kept me very warm and snored very loud. He is such a big baby and loves his treats!! When we was eating breakfast at the table this morning he was such a good boy and didn't even beg or try to get the food on the table. He is very well mannered! We all love him and we have taken pictures so I will send you some. And he loves the cat and tries to play with her but she is not as trusting yet but is warming up. The other place just called me and told me that they reviewed my application, and they didn't  feel comfortable adopting out a dog to me because i have a cat. It was so much easier to adopt a pet from His head is in my lap right now so I am typing over his big head! He is so sweet and thanks for all you have done for him !!!

Fuji is doing so good! All of these pix were taken on his first day home and as u can see he fit right in! He stays in most of the time because he prefers to. He sleeps with all of us and goes from bed to bed through the night. I just seen the cat laying close to him and was shocked because he is soooo scared of the cat! He is absolutely the best dog ever and is so loving and patient with the kids.  You would think he has been around cats and children his whole life. I love impressing my neighbors with his tricks when they all come over to see our new dog ;) thx for all ur hard work!!! Will keep you updated and feel free to keep in touch! And I wish I could take all of them :( You will definitely have a special place in heaven for all this love and passion you have for these lives! I can imagine it's very tough at times......but so rewarding too! Good night......

RED is doing great! He is just a big lap dog really and a huge lover. No problems in the house still and not a chewer J I left my camera at work on Friday so I missed some good photo ops but I will get some good ones. I’ll send some soon.. He is even doing well with the cats, only thing he isn’t getting yet is when the cat runs off, they  not trying to play.. lol  He sometimes chases after them wagging his tail. We are working on that!

Take care J



Hi Dagmara, I just wanted to let you know that, so far, AWESOME!  She is the sweetest thing!  She laid across the seat with her paws on my legs driving home… she came in and had zero issue with the cats…. She has been dreamy.  She has already mastered the doggy door – she has peed and pooped outside, nothing inside…. She has snuggled with me on the couch --- all stretched out with head/paws in my lap.I ADORE HER! Oh, and so far, she is ok with graze feeding – I will watch her weight but she came in and ate a bit and right now, the bowl has plenty of food in it and she could care less J .  I will say she has had a TON to drink – she has gone through some serious water…. But she seems great.I’m so excited – I think this was a “meant to be” scenario and I’m so glad everything has worked out.I will keep you posted on how she does tomorrow but right now, I cannot imagine any issues.

I did find the harness you were referring to – so we are ready to roll.  We just have to name her…. Lots of ideas but we’ll see what sticks!Oh – Chloe  has fed her treats and she is SO gentle…. I mean, she is so gingerly when taking food from your palm (and I let her take some yogurt off my spoon, shhhh)—all good things!

Thank you so much for all you do – I’m so glad I got to meet you… it always feels good to rescue a dog and even better from another true animal lover.  I have a magnet on my fridge that is a dog print and inside the dog print it says “Who rescued who?”  

 Love Ashley

Hi Dagmara,

I just got her papers and was so sad to see that she had been there since
AUGUST :(  Poor lady... but she has a good home now....
I caught her sleeping in the sun, she is so happy!I LOVE this dog.... you couldn't give me a million dollars to have her back...

Love Ashley
"You couldn't have her back for all the money in the world! I'm so lucky! People really missed out, she is the sweetest, happiest, funniest dog that just wants to make you happy. We could NOT be more in love! Thanks for all you do and bringing her into our lives! Whenever we are in need of more canine buddies, I'm calling you first!
Xo, Ashley, Chloe, Pets, and Margo (head in lap as I type)"
Just sending you a little up date about Bella, shes is doing great and is a very smart dog. I don't even use a leash anymore shes really a great dog,thank u so much for the gift of having such a great dog,took a little work but seems to be payin off. Thanx again John & Deb.

Puppy !

Hi Daqmara,
 Here are some photos from yesterday. We named her Sadie! She got to meet her cousin, Harley yesterday as well! All 3 dogs had a great time running and playing. Holly is very protective of Sadie already! My cousins dog, Harley got a little rough with Sadie in the yard - Holly came running over, nudged Harley out of the way, stood over Sadie and would not allow Harley to get close to her until Harley army crawled over and gave Sadie a kiss! (Melted my heart!) Sadie is doing great! First night was wonderful! She's been following Holly around, even picked up on the "sit" for a treat and she was doing Holly's favorite trick "Bow" this morning! We only had once accident in the house (I think Harley got her so excited, she couldn't help it! ha) She's been going outside with Holly and doing her "business" right along side of Holly! Holly's been showing her how to get back inside the house. Poor Sadie will come to the door but goes on the wrong side. Holly sticks her head back around, lets out a little bark and Sadie will follow her right thru the door. Last night was great - the two of them both slept on Holly's bed - all night. Took Sadie out at 3am for a potty break then they let us sleep in till 8:20am, with no accident in the bedroom! I made a vet appointment for Sadie this Wednesday, then she gets to come to the office with me to meet the rest of the family!
The cats seem to like Sadie better than Holly right now. Maybe because she is smaller, but all 3 cats have been out and watching, even sat with us on the couch last night. Maybe Sadie can teach Holly how to be gentle with the cats!
We go back to class for Holly on Thursday, Jessica said we could bring Sadie and she would help us with her leash training. Once my cousins dog is up to date on her shots, Harley and Sadie will take puppy class together with Holly as the class dog to help them along. I don't think Sadie will have any problems with class, she is one smart cookie!  Sadie is a wonderful fit in our family! I really think it was fate that brought us to PetSmart yesterday. usually we do not go there on the weekends, only Thursday nights. I knew we would adopt her as soon as I saw her!

I will keep you posted on how she is doing and I will send you pictures as well!

Thanks so much again,

Janine, Ryan, Holly, Beth, Lulu, JoJo & Sadie!  


Pit bull girl...

    I got your voice mail the other night. You don't know how happy it makes Abbey and myself to hear that everything went well. We can't thank you enough for all of the hard work you have done for us. Please forward my e-mail address of the new owners of "Princess". We would love to see how she is doing.
Thanks again Brandon.


Hey Dagmara -
Just wanted to drop a quick line letting you know how happy everyone is here. The dogs are getting along wonderfully - actually - Zeus is sort of tired! lol
We re-named the lil girl as Nala.  Its so strange - it seems she already responds to it.
She was ok in the car - started out a little rough for her - but she was more than fine by the time we got home. 
I haven't taken any pix yet - but as soon as I do - I will upload them and send you some.
Again - thank you so very much for everything you have done and everything you do everyday for these dogs!     You truly are a wonderful person!!!



Thank you for all your help! We love him, he is such a sweet and adorable Pit. He sleeps with us in bed...We couldn't ask for a better fit for my family. Thank you for what you do for them...We keep you posted.




Hi, just wanted to let you know a little bit about Nino. That was the best decision we ever made... As you know my wife didn't want a dog for a long time (especially that he is 9 years old), but somehow he got her heart. We love him and he is a great family member. he even goes to work with her sometimes. He is so calm and just great personality, I wish he could talk because we could have some nice conversations together. Great, great dog! I also want to thank you for educating us in Pit bull breed, because without you, I would probably never go for a Pit. Its so sad, that there is more people out there, that are thinking like me before. I wish people stop listening to the Media and rumors all around. I wouldn't exchange him for anything! And please continue saving them- Pits are such a loving dogs.
J & Tracy