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Our Adoptions are done in our Rescue Facility by appointment only, If you would like to adopt please email us at:  TAKEUSHOMETODAY@GMAIL.COM 

or call us at 772-618-3334

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 ***Our Dogs for Adoption are Rescued from Animal Control Facilities and are Provided with Veterinary Emergency Care When Needed - Fully Vaccinated - Spayed/Neutered & Microchipped***

 LUMLEY - BESENJI/LABRADOR Mix, 1 Year Old, Male. He is friendly with dogs, people, kids. He is a very handsome and happy boy!

AUTUMN - LABRADOR Mix, 1.5 Years Old, Female. She is friendly with dogs and LOVES people (Not with small children). She is a smaller version of a Labrador...

SASHA - CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL MIX , 1 Year Old, Female (Small Size; 15 lbs). She is friendly with dogs and people, not small children.She is a little shy at first but very sweet.

KIKI -  CHIWEENIE , 2 Years Old, Female. She is a very cute and sweet, good with dogs and people.

MOLLY - YORKSHIRE TERRIER MIX , 6 Months Old, Female (Small Size; 5 lbs).She is a very tiny girl, friendly and sweet, good with dogs. She loves attention and to give yoy kisses.

PRINCESS - CHIHUAHUA, 8 Years Old, Female. She is a sweet girl, very calm and friendly, good with dogs.

LIGHTNING - BORDER TERRIER Mix, 2 Years Old , Female (35 lbs). She is good with dogs and very well behaved,sweet and friendly.

GRACE - CHIHUAHUA , 8 Years Old, Female (Small Size). She is a very sweet, good with dogs and people, not small children.She can be a little shy at first.She loves to cuddle and company.

 BROWNIE -  YORKSHIRE TERRIER, 7Years Old. He is is a very sweet, calm boy.He is great with all dogs. He has only one eye but that
doesn't stop him from exploring the world.

CORY- Corgi Mix, 7 Months Old PUPPY, Male. He is our SPECIAL NEED BOY !!!
He is an extremely sweet, calm and well behaved puppy that loves people and dogs. Cory was born with a defect that was never corrected.He required knees surgery (on both rear legs), that were already provided for him by US (Rescue Adoption Inc), so he can live a happy long life with a new family.We are currently taking applications in order to choose his new loving forever home that is willing to give Cory a loving home.He is currently in a foster home.
His chosen new family will be true HEROES and RESCUE DOG SUPPORTERS that can change CORY'S life forever :)

  ANNA - Patterdale Terrier Mix, 2 Years Years Old, Female (Med Size). She is VERY friendly, good with dogs, playful and loves attention.Anna is a very happy girl that loves to hang out with you!



  PATTY - BEAGLE/TERRIER Mix, 5 Years Old (21 lbs). She is sweet, friendly with people and dogs.

  TESSA - HUSKY/SHEPHERD Mix, 8 Months Old Puppy, Female. Tessa is a gorgeous looking girl, good  with dogs and very friendly with people.She loves to be active and she is a very well behaved girl..
SUZI- Chihuahua Mix, 10 Years Old , Female,Senior, small size  .She is very friendly and waiting for her forever home!

WOODY - AMERICAN BULLDOG/WHITE BOXER Mix, 2 Years Old, Male (50 lbs). He is a very sweet and friendly boy, good with dogs and loves people. He is a well behaved boy, loves to go for walks, needs a home with space to play and run.


TICO - GOLDEN RETRIEVER Mix, 6 Years Old, Male (40 lbs). He is a very sweet and friendly boy, great with dogs, loves people (Not good with small kids or Cats).
SIMBA & NALA - BOXER ,(Male 65 lbs & Female 52 lbs ). They are Brother And Sister, 7 Years Old .They are friendly with dogs,  very sweet, love people and are very bonded. We are looking for a home that adopts them TOGETHER. For more information about them, please call us at: (772)618-3334 or email at:


Minimum Adoption Requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age to adopt.
  • Valid driver’s license or state ID including your current address.
  • Landlord or parent’s approval if applicable.
  • Meet with animal and household family members
  • Meet with any other dogs living at the prospective adoptee’s home.
  • All animals are spayed or neutered prior to joining their new family (if from the shelter)
  • Successful completion of a pre-adoption interview and application.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption

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