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Our Adoptions are done in our Rescue Facility by appointment only, If you would like to adopt please email us at:  TAKEUSHOMETODAY@GMAIL.COM 

or call us at 772-618-3334

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 ***Our Dogs for Adoption are Rescued from Animal Control Facilities and are Provided with Veterinary Emergency Care When Needed - Fully Vaccinated - Spayed/Neutered & Microchipped***

HILTON & MERLIN -  AFGHAN HOUND, 6 & 4 Years Old Respectively; These two beautiful brothers came to us in dire need of help due to their malnourishment, intestinal/skin parasites and ear infection. After months of treatment and recovery these two amazing boys are finally ready to go home!
We are looking for a very special big home with lots of space, with a deep appreciation and respect for this very special and unique breed of dogs. Hilton & Merlin will be only adopted together and are not be separated.

AUTUMN - LABRADOR Mix, 1.5 Years Old, Female. She is friendly with dogs and LOVES people. She is a smaller version of a Labrador...


 BRODY - FOX TERRIER Mix, 6 Months Old Puppy, Male. He is great with dogs,very SWEET,friendly, energetic and playful! 


PRINCESS - CHIHUAHUA, 8 Years Old, Female. She is a sweet girl, very calm and friendly, good with dogs.

SUMMER- BULL TERRIER Mix, 2.5 Years Old , Female. SHE IS A VERY SWEET AND LOVING GIRL!Summer is good with dogs and very friendly with people and kids.She has an amazing personality :)

SASHA- Chihuahua Mix, 10 Years Old , Female,Senior, small size (9 lbs) .She is good with dogs and very sweet and friendly. Sasha is blind however she managed to move around very comfortably. She is very affectionate, she will steal your heart.

STEVIE - DOBERMAN PINCHER Mix, 5 Months Old ,Male (Puppy-30 lbs now). He is a great, funny, energetic boy! He loves playing with dogs, he is good with cats and loves everyone.He is house trained ( goes outside using doggie door).
  If you are interested in finding out more details and his story, please click on "SPECIAL CAUSES"; or for more information please call foster home at (772)618-3334

 BROWNIE -  YORKSHIRE TERRIER, 7Years Old. He is is a very sweet, calm boy.He is great with all dogs. He has only one eye but that
doesn't stop him from exploring the world.

LIL. SPOT - CHIHUAHUA MIX, 7 Years Old, Male. He is a very friendly, calm and sweet boy, good with dogs.
FREDDIE- Chihuahua, 9 Years Old , Male,Senior, small size (7 lbs) .He is good with dogs and very,very  sweet and friendly. He is a lap dog that loves your company! Please give him a chance...

SHAGGY-  SCHNAUZER/TERRIER MIX, 2 Years Old, Male. He is friendly and sweet,good with most dogs.

SHERMAN- TERRIER MIX, 8 Months Old ,Male,small size.Sherman was born with a defect of his right from leg, but that doesnt stop him from running and playing or living happy. He does not require amputation and we are looking for a family that will except him - just the way he is :)
is good with dogs and very sweet, he is friendly but a little shy at first.

 LILLY - Labrador R./Shar Pei Mix, 1 Year Old, Female. Lilly is good with dogs, friendly and a very loving girl, unfortunately she has experienced neglect in the past and we are looking for the right forever home for this beautiful girl. How can you not love her smiley face...


CORY- Corgi Mix, 7 Months Old PUPPY, Male. He is our SPECIAL NEED BOY !!!
He is an extremely sweet, calm and well behaved puppy that loves people and dogs. Cory was born with a defect that was never corrected.He required knees surgery (on both rear legs), that were already provided for him by US (Rescue Adoption Inc), so he can live a happy long life with a new family.We are currently taking applications in order to choose his new loving forever home that is willing to give Cory a loving home.He is currently in a foster home.
His chosen new family will be true HEROES and RESCUE DOG SUPPORTERS that can change CORY'S life forever :)

  ANNA - Patterdale Terrier Mix, 2 Years Years Old, Female (Med Size). She is VERY friendly, good with dogs, playful and loves attention.Anna is a very happy girl that loves to hang out with you!



MILLY-MINIATURE PINSCHER, 3 Years Old, Female. She is small, cute and energetic. Milly is good with dogs and people.

BLACKBEAR- Labrador/Shepherd Mix, 6 Months Old Puppy, Female. She is a very happy, friendly and playful puppy. Great with dogs and people.

BENTLEY - STANDARD POODLE Mix, 3.5 Years Old ,Male. Great with dogs and very friendly with adults only, not children. He is very affectionate and loves human company.(See pictures Before & After haircut)

TICO- GOLDEN RETRIEVER Mix, 6 Years Old, Male (Med Size).Tico is a very friendly and calm boy, loves people, good with dogs but no small children. He is a very handsome boy and only 37 lbs.

ROCKY- Dachshund/Terrier Mix, 4 Years Old, Male. Rocky is a little shy at first, he came to us very scared and mistreated... He is doing very good now however because of that he is not recommended with small children. He is good with dogs and loves to go places with you!


PONGO - LABRADOR Mix, 10 Weeks Old, Male. He is friendly and very sweet PUPPY !!!

 MELISSA - SHEPHERD Mix, 10 Months Old, Female . GREAT with dogs and very friendly and sweet with people.She will be a great addition to a loving family .
AMANDA - BESENJI Mix, 5 Years Old, Female.She is a very happy, friendly and playful girl. Great with dogs people and kids.


  TESSA - HUSKY/SHEPHERD Mix, 8 Months Old Puppy, Female. Tessa is a gorgeous looking girl, good  with dogs and very friendly with people.She loves to be active and she is a very well behaved girl..
GORGIE - MINIATURE SCHNAUZER/ TERRIER MIX , 2Years Old, Female (Small Size). She is good with dogs and people. She is playful and loves to be active.

REX - Jack Russ. Terrier Mix, 2 Years Old, Male (Small Size). He is a very friendly boy, loves people and dogs!

SUZI- Chihuahua Mix, 10 Years Old , Female,Senior, small size  .She is very friendly and waiting for her forever home!

   JAY -  TERRIER/CHIHUAHUA Mix  5 Years Old, Male (SMALL SIZE). He is good with dogs, loves people and attention.
BETH- MALTESE/TERRIER Mix, 11 Months Old, Female. She is good with dogs, super cute, very friendly AND LOVING GIRL!


Minimum Adoption Requirements:

  • You must be 21 years of age to adopt.
  • Valid driver’s license or state ID including your current address.
  • Landlord or parent’s approval if applicable.
  • Meet with animal and household family members
  • Meet with any other dogs living at the prospective adoptee’s home.
  • All animals are spayed or neutered prior to joining their new family (if from the shelter)
  • Successful completion of a pre-adoption interview and application.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any adoption

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